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Serina Hartwell's Poetry


Your support is what keeps me writing.

Poetry is a form of art I have always had an affinity with. It is often a window into my soul, a way of working my emotions without fully revealing them. I have always enjoyed the symbolism of poetry and wrote poems long before I considered myself a writer. I intend to tell a very different story through poetry.

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​​Here are a couple of examples of my work.

Serina Hartwell’s Poetry

Hear My Voice


Poem by Serina Hartwell



Poem by Serina Hartwell

The Promised Land


Poem by Serina Hartwell

Serina Hartwell's

The Wheel

The shutters are down

The air is thin

I search my heart

But I know not where to begin

I cannot settle east

I cannot settle west

I need a break of fortune

To offer me some rest

For where my heart is taking me

My talent can be pursued

But conversation fights me all the way

And persecutes my will

My strength is waning within me now

I fight to keep my way

I know not which direction I should take

To turn, to break away

I run from the wheel that grinds me down

The one that bears on me

I keep my tender straight and true

And head for freedom’s light

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga​ 

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Here are more examples of my work

A Love Lost


Poem by Serina Hartwell



 Poem by Serina Hartwell 

My Christmas Memories


 Poem by Serina Hartwell 

Serina Hartwell's


No matter how far you fall,

You can only tumble so far,

Before the bottom serves as the prompt,

That it’s time to look up to the light.

Up toward the light,

At the end of the tunnel,

To the light that will guide your way,

To your new bright future that lays in wait.

The journey is long,

The climb is tremendous,

The darkness holds on,

But the light’s strength is great.

It’s calling, it’s true,

Your future lies dormant,

It lies just ahead,

Around the corner and just out of view.

And waiting, just waiting,

For you to arrive,

At the meeting point in time,

Of the positive and new.

So much work is needed,

But your strength will renew,

The distance is far,

To the new beginning that awaits you.

So, although you may stumble,

And fall on your way,

To the top you may stagger,

But climb anyway.

The mountain is worthy,

Of the climb of your life,

The target in sight,

So don’t lose hope yet.

Don’t give up yet,

The test is almost up,

Just keep digging deep within,

For the strength buried down, within.

To find your will,

To persist to the end,

One day you’ll look back,

And say, “Remember when”,

From your position of triumph,

Comfort and renewal,

These days will pass soon,

They’re only for so long.

So keep your faith within,

Hold onto it tight,

The finish line will come soon,

And will end your fight.

By Serina Hartwell

Author of The Hidden Saga

If you like my work, tell a friend. Thank you for your support.


Serina Hartwell's Poetry

Listen to Me


Poem by Serina Hartwell  



Poem by Serina Hartwell  

Quiet Interlude


  Poem by Serina Hartwell  


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