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Hidden Featured On Daily Literature Deviations on DeviantArt

Hidden Acknowledged on DeviantArt

A chapter from my first ever book has been featured on the Daily Literature Deviations. They promoted my work in their September 26th, 2012 edition and I wanted to send out special thanks to them.

It was a wonderful end to a really poor day for me. I discovered that my work had been featured, after taking a sick day and nipping onto the site. When I looked at the comments for the first chapter of my book, I couldn’t believe my eyes and went from a lurgy filled day to cloud nine. I’ve struggled to get my work out into the community, and anyone who has walked this path before me will understand where I am coming from when I say it is so hard, and can really get you down at times, so when I looked and saw my work, I was instantly lifted again, and really grateful for the recognition.

I would like to send my gratitude out, and give special thanks to NicSwaner who suggested my work and to LadyofGaerdon who featured my work, giving me such a fantastic write-up. They are fellow artists and very talented.

You said:-


Suggested by ^NicSwaner
Featured by: =LadyofGaerdon

HIDDEN. Chapter 1 by Serina Hartwell by ~SerinaHartwell

Suggester: “I’m not sure how this has
received such little recognition.

It’s excellently paced and though
I am only one chapter in I’m hooked,
despite it being a genre I don’t prefer.”

I write because I have a head full of story which I want to share with the world. It’s a story which keeps unfolding and every time I think I’ve reached the end, another bit unravels, so to hear that I’ve put something out there which has brought enjoyment to others, is more than satisfying to me. It gives me a boost, every time someone tells me they have enjoyed my work.

Daily Literature Deviations, you have made my day, and when I’m feeling better, I will do a celebratory dance around the room. Thank you to all who have followed my work and supported me. You are the reason I write – you are the best!

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Reviews of Hidden

Here are some reviews of Hidden from when it was initially put up on the Authonomy and the Figment websites. 

They are old reviews from when it was in its most unsophisticated form and I was looking to develop my writing.   Please enjoy a selection of them and be assured that Hidden has come a long way since these review and is now available to buy at your nearest Amazon. 

Thank you for taking the time out to read how much people have enjoyed my work. 

Authonomy Reviews of Hidden – Up to the 19th January 2013.

A big thank you to the people who have enjoyed my work on Authonomy and Figment. Here are some more great reviews from people who have read 'Hidden' in Figment.

Amazon & Other Reviews

Here are the reviews my customers left on Amazon. Why not check them out?

Here are Hidden's Goodread Reveiws


It's Always Wonderful to be Acknowledged by the Industry...

Hot Off my Kindle Award


To win something is very special. Here how well Hidden has been received.

In 2016...

Hidden became the winner of the Young Adult category of S.J. Hermann's 2016 Hot Off my Kindle Awards. 

New Apple Book Awards


Hidden - Award Winning - Out Now!

2017 New Apple Book Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing 

Official selection of the YA Fantasy category 

Hidden - Award Winning - Out Now!

2017 New Apple Summer eBook Awards 

Official Selection for their YA General Fiction category 

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